Live Demonstration of the Restoration
of a Georgian Secretaire Tallboy

This year at the 44th Irish Antique Dealers Association Fair, Daly Antique Services are exhibiting on Stand 22 from on Wednesday 23rd – Sunday 27th September. With a fully assembled workshop on the stand we are demonstrating a live restoration project of a dilapidated mahogany Georgian secretaire tallboy (circa 1760 – 1770). Over the 4 days of the fair, visitors can see the staged restoration of the tallboy to its former glory with skills in all aspects of cabinet making and French polishing showcased. Daly Antique Services are seeking to demonstrate that there has never being a better or more apt time for antique owners to look after and maintain their antiques, which function as beautiful additions to any home. The 250 year old Secretaire Tallboy has already stood the test of time,but with some care and attention it can be returned to its earlier splendour of the day it was made in 1700’s and, as a result,couldwithstand another further 250 years.

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